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Club Championship Points System

Club champs There are eleven races taking place throughout the year and are of varying distances. Each member who competes from the club scores points from 40 downwards, from their performances against other club members of the same gender. So the first club member home scores 40 points, the next 39, next 38 etc. (no

Club Championship Times April 2012

Here are the times from the first round of the 2012 club championships.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Club Championship Times October 2011

Here are the second lot of timings for the Club Championships. Congratulations to Julian Hodge who was the Club Champion for 2011 with the greatest improvement overall and with the greatest improvement in the pool. Michelle Blackmore made the greatest improvment on the run, while Andy Cunningworth somehow managed a 3 minute improvement on the

Club Championship 2011 Times

Here are the initial times for the club championship.  Check back here once everyone has completed thier improved times to find out who the winner is!