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Cowman 2011 – Milton Keynes

In preparation for IM Wales, I thought it would be good to complete a middle distance race beforehand. It was a bit awkward to find one that was on a suitable weekend but decided to enter the Big Cow’s middle distance race, the Cowman. Based at Emberton Country Park a few miles out of Milton

River Swimming

Every Friday throughout the summer we intend to start our Friday night excursions in the River Huntspill.  It’s been confirmed with the E.A. that West Country Tri members who hold British Triathlon membership are eligible to join in.  Anyone else, either in the club or otherwise, who do not hold both Club and British Tri


Martin is organising 2 sessions’s for the club to train at the Velodrome in Newport. If you want to go you need to be quick.  The deposit (£10) needs to be paid to Martin and 13 people have already expressed interest.