Bike Handling/Transition Practice Session on 30.3.13

I forgot to include this on the last email!
Next Saturday 30.3.13 we are planning to do a bike handling and transition training. The following people have signed up:
If you are on the list but can no longer do it get in contact asap as we won’t run it unless we have at least 6 people. If you are not on the list but want to do it let me know and I’ll add you.
Venue: Meet at Burnham Pool at 5.30pm, we will go over and use the tennis courts across the road, Jeannie (Level 2 cycle Coach) will be coaching bike skills:  Content will be mounting/dismounting, cornering, braking, gear selection and pedalling. Myself and Martin will be doing the transition practice, we will go through different ways of running with bike, mounting quickly, dismounting and racking, and offer tips for making transitions as simple as possible! 

There is no charge for this session. 

You will need, a bike, bike helmet, bike shoes (if you wear them) trainers, a number belt if you have one, a small towel.

It will take 1-2hrs.