Club Champion 2011

This year the award for Club Champion will be for the person who has made the most improvement over the season.
We will hold timed sessions, run, bike and swim in May and then again in September, whoever has made the biggest percentage improvement over all 3 disciplines will be “Club Champion”

The first session will be the run on Mon 9th May, at Cheddar Reservoir, 8.15pm start
The run will be around the reservoir approx 2.5 miles. Meet at Sharpham Road Car park. (drop us a line if you need directions)
Normal swim session at cheddar pool after.

The bike and swim will take place on Mon 16th May
Bike start at Cheddar pool 8pm
Route from cheddar pool to Wedmore and back
Distance 7.6 miles

This will be followed by 400m swim within our 9-10pm session.

We will then repeat the whole thing in September and Club Champion will be crowned at the AGM in November.

Don’t forget this is not about who wins on the night, it’s only about your own time so no excuses “I’m too slow”
please join in and make this a fun event. This event is obviously open to all WCT members even if you’re not normally a Monday Night swimmer.

If you are interested please email Bev at just so we can get a rough idea of numbers.

Many thanks,