Club Championship 2011 Times

Here are the initial times for the club championship.  Check back here once everyone has completed thier improved times to find out who the winner is!

Adrian Rigby41.415.3922.1613.46
Martin Rogers39.226.0720.4112.34
Ceeli Mial42.466.0222.4314.01
Lee Woodland43.36.0822.3214.5
Chris Rouse46.446.2824.1316.03
Paul De St Paer43.426.4523.1513.42
Jenny King56.318.428.4519.06
Toby Maddox47.468.123.2216.14
Andrew Cunningworth48.479.3625.4914.22
Julian Hodge49.587.5623.5618.06
Emma Beteridge49.047.4225.0716.15
Alicia Hooper1. 13.167.1540.2825.33