Club Championship Points System

Club champs

There are eleven races taking place throughout the year and are of varying distances.
Each member who competes from the club scores points from 40 downwards, from their performances against other club members of the same gender.
So the first club member home scores 40 points, the next 39, next 38 etc. (no matter where they are placed within the race itself)
The points are then recorded and accumulated throughout the year. It is the members best 6 results that count.

The reason there is an odd number
This is one more than half the total number of races and ensures that two members could not avoid each other and each score the maximum points. It also ensures that two members would have to race against each other at some point.
What happens in the event of a tie?
In case there is a tie a count back system operates whereby we would look at how the members who were tied had done against each other.
0121/04/2013Burnham-On-Sea Super Sprintwww.bospool.com250m/10k/2.5k
0219/5/2013Taunton Deane
0309/06/2013Burnham-On-Sea Sprintwww.bospool.com500m/20k/5k
0402/06/13The Outlaw Half
0501/06/2013Nottingham Triathlon OW/20k/5k
0607/07/2013Burnham-On-Sea Olympicwww.bospool.com1500m OW/40k/10k OW/23.5k/5k
0828.7.13Stert Island OW
09*21/07/2013Ironman UK*www.ironmanuk.com3.8kOW/180k/42k
1021/9/13Weston Super Mare Triathlon
OW swim/ closed road bike/beach run
09*08/09/2013Ironman Wales*www.ironmanwales.com3.8k OW/180k/42k
1113/10/2013Burnham-On-Sea Autumn Aquathonwww.bospool.com750m/7.5k
* For these 2 races all athletes completing the either event will be ranked according to finishing time (males and females separately) and points awarded accordingly.