River Swimming

Every Friday throughout the summer we intend to start our Friday night excursions in the River Huntspill.  It’s been confirmed with the E.A. that West Country Tri members who hold British Triathlon membership are eligible to join in.  Anyone else, either in the club or otherwise, who do not hold both Club and British Tri membership, will not be considered in our safety arrangements.  We have worked very closely with the E.A. to ensure that we and they are covered should there be any unfortunate incidents.  Mike has said he will be on the bank most weeks and act as our safety person.
The water is likely to be very cold at the moment, so we do not recomend you swim the full distance in case you get too cold.  It is approximately 1 kilometre each way with very little current.

A few things you need to know:

1. Be careful when entering the water as we cannot see what lies beneath the surface.
2. Do not swim under the bridge or any further than the line of buoys at the far end.
3. You can contract a number of diseases from the water. Please cover any open wounds. Do not digest the water (if you can help it!!) Wash wetsuit goggles and swim hat in fresh water and always shower as soon as possible.
4. Always try and swim close to another person and be aware of others around you. If you get in difficulty, swim to the bank and shout to attract someones attention and climb out if you can.
5. Please sign in and out with whoever is on the bank.
6. Please check emails on Friday afternoon as the E.A. will contact me if they deem it unsafe to swim and I will let you know.
7. Wetsuits are compulsory and please try and wear a brightly coloured swim hat as its easier to see from the bank.

Hope I haven’t put you off. Any questions, please ask.