Sunday Bike Rides: General Info

Message from Mike re Sunday rides:

Couple of things,
I’ve had a few people asking about the bike rides on Sundays,and I promise you you will not be left behind,
as I am the slowest rider!

You will be made welcome,the whole idea is to cater for different abilities and encourage novices.
We do about 30 – 35 miles, sometimes its less, as we do speed work,  race pace, and/or hills.
So come on and join us. There are many short-cuts so as you can do less than others if you wish.

Also our swim turbo training session now has a lot of people coming and I desperately need more turbos,
Please can you help us ,if you’re not coming and would it be possible for you to lend us yours, put your name on it,  let me know ASAP please so I can get it organised.

See you soon
  Mike G