WCT Weekly Bulletin 21.3.13

Well Spring was here for a day and now Winter seems to be back! 
River Swim
River swimming will start when it gets warm enough, the licence runs from April -September but the temperature needs to be >11 degrees C. In readiness for this, anyone who thinks they will want to join the river swim needs to send me their British Triathlon Membership Numbers and Emergency Contact details so a spreadsheet can be drawn up of regular swimmers, this will make the signing in process on the bank easier. If you plan to join British Triathlon for the purpose of river swimming, remember to choose West Country Triathletes from the drop down list of affiliated clubs when you register and you will then get your discount.

Kit nearly finalised! We are agreeing the final design today.

22.3.13: Road Run Meet at Burnham Swim & Sports Academy at 7pm for a flat 5k/10k (1 or 2 lap) run with Bev.please wear hi-vis
23.3.13 NO Saturday off road run this week.

24.3.13 Sunday Ride Here is the route.




Burnham Pool – Rookery Manor – Loxton – Banwell – Shipham – Cheddar – Axbridge – Loxton – Rookery Manor – Pool


A route of approx 48K including a 200m climb.


Meet at 9:50 per normal. Route may be improvised if raining.


Lead by Matt

25.3.13 Monday Road run 8.05pm Meet in foyer of Kings of Wessex Pool Cheddar for a 4 mile run, please wear hi-vis
25.3.13 Monday Swim session 9-10pm Coached by Rich Every
27.3.13 Wednesday Swim session 8-9pm Coached by Emma Course
27.3.13 Wednesday Road run 8.15-8.50pm 5k flat road run please wear hi-vis
27.3.13 Wednesday Swim session 9-10pm Coached by Rich Every

28.7.13 Stert Sea Swim! Start time approx 10.45am. This will be part of the Burnham Escape Day. The swim is organised by West Country Triathletes so we’ll be looking for Marshals as well as competitors. Watch this space for more details.