WCT Weekly Bulletin 7.3.13

Hi Everyone!
We regret that due to increasing pool hire costs we are increasing the monthly subs as of April 1st 2013. We have tried to keep it to a minimum and believe that it is still value for money and hope that you agree. The 2013 prices are as follows:
Bronze: Staying the same at £25, one off annual payment which entitles you to rides and runs, if you want to swim it is an extra £6 per session.*
Silver: £22 per month payable by Standing order. This entitles you to one swim a week.  We don’t mind if you need to make up a session on a Wednesday if you miss Monday and vice versa but we do ask that you specify which is your chosen session.
Gold: £35 per month payable by Standing Order. This entitles you to two swims a week. 
Gold & SIlver Members do not need to pay a joining fee.
* Although we invite Bronze members to swim anytime for £6, in the event that the session is full the Silver & Gold members will take priority.
Please increase your standing orders this month in time for April.
Thank you for your understanding.
Training this week:

Friday 8.3.13: 7pm Road run 5k or 10k flat steady run (1 or 2 laps) From Burnham pool
Saturday 9.3.13: No off road run this week as it is now fortnightly.
Sunday 10.3.13: Bike Ride – This week it will be going from Burnham Pool at approx 9.50am, the route is Burnham Pool – Wedmore- Panborough – Westhay -Burtle- Watchfield- Burnham Pool. 
Mark will be taking the ride this week. Although it clashes with the aquathlon it will be nearly finished by 10am which may mean it is possible to marshal/compete & ride if you so wish.
Monday 11.3.13: 8.10pm Run from Cheddar Pool Approx 4miles road run. (meet in foyer)
Monday 11.3.13 9-10pm Swim session coached by Richard Every
Wednesday 13.3.13 8-9pm Swim session coached by Emma Course
Wednesday 13.3.13 8.15pm 5k Road run
Wednesday 13.3.13: 9-10pm Swim session coached by Emma Course
Friday 15.3.13 7pm Road run 5k or 10k flat steady run (1 or 2 laps) From Burnham pool
Races of interest!

Freaky Peaky Duathlon 24.3.13 Nick Ryles is hoping to do this challenge and asks if any members wish to join him? Details on this link http://freakevents.co.uk/events/Peaky-Freaky-24-March-2013/
River Dart 10k swim: DK River Dart 10k Sat 14th September entries open 12.3.13 although this is a long way off it is a unique race and it will be sold out in days so sign up quickly if you’re up for it details at http://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/index.php?p=events&s=&id=92
Bideford Triathlon: Confirmed for 25.8.13
National Club Relays also on 24.8.13 in Nottingham http://www.onestepbeyond.org.uk/national-club-relay-champs.php have a read if you’re not familiar and let me know if you’re interested! Its great fun.
Feel free to email me with your races of interest, I can put people in touch with each other if doing the same races.

Now that race season is upon us please will you send me your race reports and photos and I’ll post them to the website.

We now have nearly approved the final design an are still hoping for April delivery!
Thank you for supporting the Club, we are continually trying to provide what members want and welcome your feedback/suggestions at any time!