Cotswold Women’s Only Triathlon

Cotswold’s Women’s only Tri – super sprint distance.  Sunday 6th June

Jenny King

My first open water event!

With great excitement we set off for my first open water tri and our children’s first time camping.  We successfully pitched our tent and then went to have a look at the lake.  I thought that I’d better test the lake with a couple of guinea pigs so I sent our children in.

As they didn’t get eaten by giant squid nor suffer any obvious adverse consequences it seemed there was no getting out of it – I would be taking part.

Cotswold Triathlon

Whilst other competitors spent Saturday afternoon tinkering with their bikes or cycling the course I sat drinking red wine and eating hot dogs.  It did occur to me that my preparation wasn’t what it could be.  I told one of my co campers that I didn’t need to cycle the course as I would simply rely on the marshals – she almost laughed in my face!

I woke up at 5.30 on Sunday morning and noticed to my horror that there was already someone swimming in the lake.  I then watched, much to my amusement, many young men getting their girlfriends’ bikes, kit and breakfast ready while presumably their girlfriends stayed in their tents perhaps still sleeping or doing yoga stretches in preparation.  Graham and the kids obviously felt that I didn’t need such fuss so they stayed in their sleeping bags moaning and groaning like trolls whilst I made their breakfast and began obsessing about my kit.

My son James accompanied me down to transition where I set up my bike and shoes and spare contact lenses etc.

Cotswold Triathlon

At the starting point I managed to get into my wetsuit without too much difficulty but then one of my contact lenses decided it wasn’t going to take part and flew out of my eye.  My spare lenses were in transition so I had to send James racing back to the tent to get another lens.  Luckily James is a much faster runner than me and he soon came back with a more compliant lens and my husband Graham and Freya close behind.    As we watched the other race start I had major second thoughts; it didn’t seem fair that my mid life crisis manifested itself in a desire to do triathlons.

I needn’t have worried the lake was lovely and clear and not too cold and the 400m seemed to pass quite quickly.  I amazed myself by getting out of my wetsuit without difficulty and got out of transition fairly quickly.  The cycle was a flat 20k and the run an off road 2.5k around the lake.  I finished 17/68 and I think I was third in my age group so I was very pleased with that.  My only problem was that after the bike my feet were freezing and I could hardly get my trainers on – perhaps I should have worn socks!
We all had a great time and will be back next year.

Cotswold Triathlon