Cotswolds Spring Classic Sportive 2011

by Jeanie Fry

This year this well organised and growing event attracted 650 riders and filled before race morning. Riders set off in groups of 20 on a 105k loop around Cirencester, or what was meant to be a 105 mile course around Cirencester and then North into the Stroud “valley of the hills”. Unfortunately an irate local decided to reverse some of the signs and at one point there was mayhem as 300 riders realised they had gone the wrong way and turned back on a single track road…..into the 350 other riders that were following them!

Having last year done the 105k event, I decided to turn right at the course split to do the long course and take on some of the most brutal hills I have ever ridden up….and more scarily, down. Having ended up in a hedge and smashed my face into a wall, with a pedal going into my leg 5 days earlier on a group ride, I was a wimp on the downhills, only to fall off again on a 1 in 4 gravely ascent on a hair pin bend. Someone has kindly suggested I go back to stabilisers but I don’t think they are allowed in triathlons.

What was meant to be a 105 mile ride turned into over 110 miles and a long but very enjoyable day out. These types of event are great to do with friends and I rode the whole course with an ironman buddy. This race is always on Easter Monday and there is always a big Easter egg in the finishers goodie bag, so give it a go next year.