Crewkerne Super Sprint Triathlon 2011

The weather was gorgeous on the day despite the very early wave times.  I had gone back to the race as this had been my first ever triathlon last year and I wanted to see how much I had improved.  I cut my swim time from 7.36 last year to 5.19 and I was really pleased with that and it just goes to show that joining the Tri club has really helped.  Mark Burgess swam the 250m in 3.05 making him the fastest swimmer of the day.  WOW!

The 10.5km bike route, somewhat hillier than I remember, passed quickly and both myself and Mark achieved this in under 25 minutes although he was 7 seconds faster than me (must try harder).  The run an icckle 2.5km takes you off road for a while and a path had been beaten through a forest of stinging nettles and brings you out in a trading estate before finishing back at the Aqua centre.  My finish time was 44.29 taking off 4 mins from last years’ time and Mark’s was 40.16.  A great, fast paced little race with fantastic weather to boot.  A good atmosphere although numbers were down from last year and now run by Wessex Wizards instead of DB max.

Michelle Francis

Crewkerne Super Sprint - Michelle FrancisCrewkerne Super Sprint - Mark Burgess