Dorney Triathlon Challenge May 22nd 2011

Mark Astbury flew the West Country Triathletes flag at Dorney on Sunday May 22nd competing in the 3/4 Olympic race.

“No surprise to anyone who ventured out on Sunday that the wind was a major issue with a strong head wind all the way on one side of the rowing lake and then a cross wind on the return leg which made handling on the tri bars a challenge! There were a couple of crashes where guys lost control and alot of very nervous types finding it tough going.  Anyway in terms of how things went in my old codgers wave, 3rd out of the water after 1km swim, had the second fastest split bizarrely so much have legged it past the other guy before the timing mat!, then 6 laps of the lake which I managed in 59.23 (30km but felt like 30miles) and was 7th at this stage. Then the achilles heel of running 7.5km, this took some time with legs stuffed from biking into the wind and run time was 34.52mins. Something to work on for Windsor but overall pretty happy with the day finishing 31st overall and 6th in age group.

Dorney, whilst a trek, is good for closed road racing but the wind can be a pain!  I am up there again for Steelman Tri and the King Sturge Property Triathlon so meantime I am off out up Brent Knoll!  There are a few photos on my Facebook page.”

Dorney Triathlon 3/4 Challenge