Life in the middle lane

Every Monday, well a lot of Mondays, I and my fellow swimmers turn up for a training session at Cheddar Pool.  To most people this sounds easy, but to swimmers in my lane we all seem to have struggled to make it.

After a day at work, it is hard to wind yourself up to go out at 9pm.  It seems that we all feel the same in that if we get home and relax, it is really hard to drag yourself out for an energetic hour in cold water when the fire is roaring and the telly is on.  Also the fact that you cannot eat at a sensible time makes it really hard.

So how do us heroes manage, I hear you ask?

I can only speak for myself, but having been with the same bunch of people for many years it has also given me an inside for the other characters in my lane.

Obviously we all want to be fit and in fairness the rest of my lane want to compete in triathlons.  Mike sets fantastic schedules which are a challenge.  Our bodies are not temples and we are either happy to keep fit and/or improve.  Most of us starve ourselves from lunchtime onwards.  Every now and then someone will have had a crafty snack and then whinge about how sick they feel throughout the session.  Then there is the general chat, which at the beginning of the session is quite normal.  Normally by the end we struggle to communicate at all.  At this stage breathing becomes more important and a series of grunts is our only method of communication.  About half way through the session, our friend Cramp normally takes hold of someone and slows them down or even throws them out.  By the time we finish, the wheezing and whinging has taken over and jibbering wrecks flop against the wall for support.  Its at this stage that the really fit lanes are joking and chatting, swapping recipes and generally seem happy.

As we drag ourselves to the shower, we cheer up having a bit of a chat and laugh until the hot water runs out!

So why do we do it?  Well as I say fitness is probably a major factor, but I also think that because it is good to go somewhere where there are a lot of fit, happy people who enjoy themselves and have a laugh!

I would like to thank Mike for doing the programmes (he seems to know how to get the best of people) and the rest of you, especially my lane for making it all worthwhile.

Dick Nicol (WCT Vice Chair)

Knackered but happy…..