New Forest Triathlon – May 1st 2011

Bev Crockett’s take on the New Forest Triathlon

How NOT to do a triathlon!!!!
The first tri of the season, Olympic distance, 1st of May, open water swim.
Thoughts going through my mind
“WHY??  And how cold is the water going to be?”

Everything started well, we travelled down to the New Forest on the Thursday evening.
Friday Jo and I cycled the bike route, as all the magazines tell you to, nice route, not too hilly, bit windy but starting to feel a bit more confident.
Saturday rested with some retail therapy, Dave cooked us the perfect pre race pasta meal. (Actually Dave cooked every night J )
What time to leave in the morning? anyone who knows Jo, knows she is not a morning person, so in the end we compromised, got up had porridge (cooked by Dave J ) and set off in what we thought would be plenty of time to get there and be ready for the early 7.30am start.
Oh how wrong we were!!! We arrived in transition 5 mins before they closed it, we still needed to be numbered, set up and get into wetsuits.
I definitely won the prize for messiest transition layout, everything just dumped in a pile. Hey at least there was no time to get nervous.
The race itself went quite well, had quite a good swim for me, the water wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be, was glad that I had been in the river the week before and had a thermal swim hat kindly donated by Dave. I was glad to get on the bike – time to catch Jo, finally spotted her but knew that I wasn’t going to build a big enough gap to hold her off on the run.
Once out of T2 it wasn’t long before Jo came storming past, and there were Dave and Josh supporting, Jo being just in front got Mum, Mum from Josh then to my horror Josh spotted me and all I could hear as I plodded past was
BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV BEV   Oops !!!! The run was really hard work and I finally made it back just 4 mins behind Jo, 2 hours 46 mins  I beat my target time so I was happy
Shower, change and pub for Sunday roast
Anyone who wants to do a standard distance for the first time this is a nice friendly race that’s not too hard just watch out for the animals on the roads !!

Race New Forest Triathlon