Trowbridge Sprint Triathlon 2011

This was my second ever tri last year and I like to go back and revisit just to see how much I am improving.  Last year I had good results but I really wanted a “podium” finish.  I have been getting quite close but never quite close enough.   The weather held off during the 25 km bike ride apart from the wind and it wasn’t quite as flat as I remember but still enjoyable and I pushed it as much as I could.  I was out the pool quite late but soon made up for that on the bike and within the first 5 km had overtaken 15 other riders but was then pretty much out there on my own.  The run was flattish and took us through a field of cows that we literally had to run straight through, although they were quiet, moo support (sorry). There was confusion on the run and I ended up missing a sign and running 250m more than other runners which could have resulted in me missing out on first place in my age cat.  So I got my podium finish, 2nd in my age cat and a PRIZE!!!!

Michelle Francis

Trowbridge Sprint Triathlon