From 5 Sept 16 we have a coached pool swim each week at:

Mon    9.00-10.00pm         Kings Fitness and Leisure in Cheddar (BS27 3AH)

At this coached session members train with others of a similar ability in lanes and follow a swim ‘set’. This consists of a warm up, the main body of the session and a warm down. The swim set is different each week and there are plenty of ‘drills’ mixed in to encourage good technique. Distances range up to about 2,600m depending on ability and the type of session. The coach is on pool side for advice and encouragement. If you need a rest it’s no problem just miss a couple of lengths and catch your breath!

Cycling & Running:
At Cheddar a group will run for approximately 30 minutes before swimming each Monday. In the summer months this is usually a track session at Kings Fitness and Leisure.

A number of members meet each Saturday at the Burnham and Highbridge parkrun. This is a free, timed 5km run starting at 9am from the Apex Park. Don’t forget your bar code!

We organise a group ride during the better weather once a month. At other times members use the Facebook group to join up with each other.

Members meet regularly for a trail run on Sunday morning and this will be organised in advance. Over the recent winter (2016) a lot of members have been busy competing in some tough trail runs including the The Grizzly (20 miles), The Doynton Hard Half and Big Cheese (15 miles) amongst others. This is a great way to build stamina for the triathlon season.

WCT has a new committee and we are currently exploring new ways to offer coached training sessions.